Meet the Hurleys


I am a twenty-something daughter of God, wife, and mother. I currently work as an office manager. Without coffee, I stink at mornings. I have a hard time making friends. I am learning to live more simply and more natural. I enjoy making things with my own hands and sprucing up our little home. I am more at peace when we are using a budget to track finances. I will always love fried chicken and mashed potatoes, just not the best at frying chicken :) I live each and everyday to serve Jesus Christ, my husband, and our rambunctious babes! 


Oh, where to start... this man happens to be my high school sweetheart, father of my children, and the hardest working man I have ever met! He never goes a day without working or telling me how much he loves me. We have been together 7 years and married for 3. He sacrifices many things for his family and does it without ever complaining. He works a full time job, plus he has a lot of work to do on our farm since we have about 30 head of cattle the require lots of time. I couldn't imagine life without this man and am so thankful that Gods plan brought us together.


This five year old likes to go! The first thing he says when his daddy comes home at night is "Daddy lets get on the floor and wrestle!" Parker spends a lot of time outside and is always dirty. He really enjoys farm life and doing chores. He looks like his daddy, and acts like his daddy. My favorite part of my day, is every morning when I get to cuddle with him right after he wakes up! 


Our second boy. Sweet, and loving. He loves to cuddle into your neck and is a little sensitive at times. Telling him "No" can just break his heart sometimes. He loves chasing chickens and trying to keep up with his brother. This little cowboy also loves cattle at the ripe ol age of one, and will "moo" as soon as he sees one on the computer, in a sale catalog, in the pasture, or at home in his toys!


Stealing her brothers hearts since day one. Having a baby girl after two boys has been such a blessing. Although she has been our screamer of the family, we are so incredibly in love with this little peach! She looks like daddy and her oldest brother... lets just hope she isn't and rough and rowdy! 

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