And... We Have a Garden

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WooHoo! We are growing a garden!! This will be our first year growing a garden at our home place. It is a little difficult to haul three kiddos out to the farm every day to tend to a garden... So we had THREE trees cut down last year (we still have plenty) to free up some land for sunshine! 

I hope to post garden updates as the season goes on. We planted potatoes, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, watermelon, and sunflowers and a couple blueberry bushes. 

Here are the tomato plants as I was mulching around them. I used newspaper and cardboard and then topped it with straw. This will cut down on weeding, help keep moisture in, and help the soil maintain a more consistent temperature. 

Our garden is in a very ugly stage right now as it takes awhile to collect enough newspaper, cardboard and mulch to cover all the "bare" space. :) 

This is our garden "gate". I used an old screen window. My garden helper is caught trying to fly away here ;)

Somewhere in there is lettuce and carrots... 

Ahh... So much better. It's a bit tough to see the carrots because the boys planted them.. And they seem to be randomly strewn all through the right hand side 

We have plenty of visitors.

I also have mint, lemon thyme, and strawberries growing in other areas around the house. 

We are praying for a bountiful harvest! 

Dakota xoxo

Once a month grocery shopping *update*

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Friends--- once a month grocery shopping is NOT for us. Sorry to report, we are back to once a WEEK shopping! :) 

My family thought they could ALL.THE.FOOD in the first week or two since we had so much. They also didn't abide the rules of what produce to eat first, my husband being the worst offender. I found myself running to get more milk, bread, cheese, and produce than our budget allowed, because well, we stocked up so much that my boys and hubby are like kings every time I wasn't in the kitchen to moderate! Stinkers!!! 

Anyhow, with warmer weather here we have started receiving our CSA box once a week, on Tuesdays, which is also the day I go grocery shopping, and the day that our little farmers market is happening in town. So I grocery shop in the morning, shop our farmers market in the afternoon and then pick up our CSA box that evening! There is also a farmers market in Beatrice, only 15 minutes away, on Thursday evenings. Parker attends summer camp in Beatrice on Thursdays so I hope to be able to stop at that market on Thursdays also. 
I found a source for goat and cow milk so we will be eating a lot of local foods this summer and I couldn't be happier! 

Lastly, we put it in our own, small, garden this year so we should have plenty of FRESH, local and yummy sources of food this season!!

Dakota XOXO

DIY cloth wet wipes

This is such a simple and frugal DIY that I feel lame for sharing but maybe somebody hasn't heard of this recipe and could use it... So here it goes. 

•Castile soap 
•olive oil 
•one cup warm water 
•tea tree essential oil
•lavender essential oil 

Supplies needed:
•old wet wipe container or Tupperware 
•stack of cloth wipes/wash cloths

How to--
  Add about a capful/tablespoon each of olive oil and Castile soap to your warm water. Add 2-3 drops, each, lavender and tea tree essential oil to mixture, stir it up! 
  Put your cloth wipes in your container and pour the mixture over your wipes. 

I use a mixture of old baby wash cloths and hand-me-down cloth wipes. You could also use scraps of fabric, old t-shirts, OR a good, thick, quality roll of paper towels if you're looking for disposable wipes! 

Dakota XOXO
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