The Easter Story Day #2

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Today was a pretty simple day in regards to our Easter activities.

We read about Judas choosing to betray Jesus to gain silver coins. Parker's bible didn't have the story so we just read out of mamas bible. 

Parker colored the piece for our resurrection eggs and since we were talking about silver, I grabbed a real coin to add to the egg for today. He was super excited about the real money 

We also read another book. This book is short and sweet but talks about how eggs and bunnies are fun for Easter, but the most important part is Gods son.  I found this one at Walmart last year.
And we can't forget about Noah! He hung out on the floor today playing with his toys while we chatted, colored, and read our story and bible. 

He also enjoyed his teething biscuit in the afternoon. This poor babe has the toughest time getting them teethers in! 

I can see and feel his tooth making it's way in... Just wish it would break through already, darn it. I found all natural, homeopathic teething tablets that a friend suggested, and those seem to calm him, just not soothe him. I tried diluting Copaiba essential oil 1:30 with organic olive oil today. It seemed to help the pain/discomfort! Yay!!! Hoping he sleeps week tonight! 


The Easter Story Day #1

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I am very hit or miss here in this space on the World Wide Web, HOWEVER, I am challenging myself to blog twelve days in a row-ish! ;) I'm hilarious, I know! I thought I would document how we are learning, celebrating, and readying ourselves for Easter this year! Since this 12 days includes Easter Sunday and a couple other days we will be busy partying it up, I may squish a couple days into one! I knew you would understand! 

So! Today we read this great book I found at the thrift store a couple months ago. 
It is lengthy and has lots of words, but a great book for Parker since he is four and ready to learn more! I also had a friends two year old today and she was able to sit and listen to the entire story! 

We also skipped ahead in this children's bible story book! 
I love this one and it is what we use everyday with our Heart of Dakota curriculum! 
After our story time we started our resurrection eggs. This is the first year to do these so I will have Parker color each piece as we go this time! 

I bought this set on clearance last year from Oriental Trading after the season. I think they were about $3-$4! 

Our "project" for the day was to make Palm leaves/branches... This template came from the awesome mentor moms in the MOPs group I used to attend. 

What all this really looks like ;)
Coffee is a must. 

Any fun ideas you have for celebrating Easter? I'd love to hear! 


What we did... for Valentines day... Over a Month Ago

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sooooo  I know I am not up to date AT ALL but hey, better late then never! For Valentines Day, we made birdseed ornaments for some lovely ladies... aunts and grandmas mostly! They were simple and budget friendly!

We mixed a pkt of gelatin and water with about 1/8 cup karo syrup on the stove. 

Add liquid to a glass bowl of birdseed until all was moist. 

We used this heart shaped pan and cookie cutters to mold our ornaments... cookie cutters were much easier to get out after they hardened. 

 The straws were placed in each ornament to leave a hole for string. 

Almost forgot... We used oil to spray the pan and cookie cutters to try and make them a little smoother to get out. This coconut oil spray below is my favorite item from Trader Joe's!

After sitting in the fridge a couple hours we popped them out onto wax paper to completely dry... about 8 hours. 

Our finished product all tied up and ready to package.

Simple and easy packaging works best for a four year old!

I tried to take a couple photos the morning of Valentines Day... it was NOT the easiest and these are the best three of like 100... or something like that!

Poor Noah - I don't even know why this one pops up sideways but I can't get it back the correct way

Blurry - but life is one big ole blur, so why not!?!?

Dakota XOXO

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