She's Here!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Welcome to the world Aspen Grace! 

Friday, December 4th 2015 at 4:40 in the morning, the hubby and I loaded up in the car and headed towards Lincoln for a cesarean. On the way up I had contractions that were about 15 minutes apart and pretty darn strong! I am sure that if I wasn't having a cesarean that day, she would have come on her own that day or the day after! 

We arrived at the hospital a little late, at about 5:45. We went up to Labor and Delivery and got checked in. They hooked me up to some monitors to monitor baby's heartbeat and contractions. They also started an IV drip so that I would have enough liquid in me, that my blood pressure wouldn't drop during surgery. The anesthesiologist came in to go over what the plan was and my doctor arrived shortly after at about 7:15am. 

Things went rather quick after that. We walked back to the operating room at 7:26 and started anesthesia. I chose to have a spinal block, and an epidural inserted just in case i started to feel anything during the surgery. They didn't put any anesthesia in the epidural though, it was just backup, and luckily we didn't need it. The spinal block allows me to get up and moving a little faster than the epidural. 
After I was laid on the table, they only had a little bit more prep to go, so a nurse went and got my hubby to bring back to the room. The cesarean started soon after. 

Baby Aspen came roaring into this world at 7:56am! She was definitely our loudest baby! As soon as she was outside the womb, she was screaming! The nurse wiped her down a bit and brought her around the curtain to show me how little and precious she was, tears were already filling my eyes! Jerrad followed the nurses over to get her weighed, measured, assessed and wiped down a little more. She is our lightest baby, weighing in at seven pounds, even. BUT she is our longest baby, measuring 20 and 3/4 inches. 

She came out perfectly pink, with stork bites on her right eyelid, forehead, and below her nose. 

**while we were in recovery and I was getting my skin-to-skin time with Aspen, her daddy almost passed out on us! He hadn't ate all morning and was feeling light headed so asked where a restroom was, the nurse noticed that he was VERY pale so asked him how he was. He told her that he needed something to eat and she let him know where to get some crackers. He was able to get it together rather quick after eating just a little bit but it was a little nerve racking for a moment!**
-I just thought I would share all of our birth story, and not leave anything out ;) -
Since Friday we have had such a great experience in the hospital. The entire cesarean procedure went great. Our nurses have all been super helpful and courteous. Our feeding experience has been great so far, for both of us. She has latched on great and seems to be getting plenty. So far I am not getting sore nipples, my milk seems to be coming in great and we are just really enjoying her feeding time! 

As we get ready to head home this morning, I am so excited to see our boys and let them get to really meet and enjoy their little sister! 
We are so blessed to welcome you into our family Aspen Grace. We love you sweet baby. 

Last baby post for baby number 3

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It is finally here! By the time this post goes live, we will have headed out the door in the wee hours of the morning, to go in for my third cesarean birth. 
I like to use the term "cesarean birth" because that is what it is. I have felt like saying "C-Section" can undermine the fact that I am, indeed, giving birth! It is more than just a major abdominal surgery, it a wonderful, miraculous birth!! 
It is hard to put my feelings into words before the birth though. Knowing that I am going in to be laid upon a table, my body operated on, and then meeting our precious babe is such a surreal thought. 

It is here! Finally! The waiting is over and we get to see the beautiful face that God has molded inside me for 9 long months! 

Oh baby Aspen, you have no idea how excited we are to be able to hold you and cuddle you in our arms! I just know that you will be so beautiful, and have that intoxicating newborn scent! I am looking forward to kissing the top of your head and caressing your delicate skin! I only hope that your brothers will be gentle and loving to you! They can get a little rowdy and obnoxious sometimes, but I know you will be just a tough and strong-willed as they are. 
We love you already precious babe.
Love, Mama

Here is my last baby bump photo.

Dec 4th, 39 weeks. 

Rash Cream {homemade}

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This past weekend I finally got around to making a fresh batch of rash cream before baby Aspen arrives. I've been meaning to get this done for about month now since we were running low, but when the jar was finally empty, I didn't have a choice. :) 

We use this cream on baby bums and also on rashes/owies. It works great to heal diaper rash, scrapes, burns and we've started using it on the rash Parker developed on his thighs. 
I am still trying to figure out what did, or is, causing the rash on Parker but my thought is maybe from the chlorine pool at school. At preschool they have swimming lessons once a week, and the rash started developing about a month or two ago. It is very dry, red patches, and only on his thighs (where his swim trunks would be). After regular lotion didn't work to clear up the dryness, I decided to try our rash cream... On the rash (genius, I tell you!) The rash is slowly going away, so between the cream, and the fact that they haven't had swimming lessons at school for a couple weeks, we have hope! YAY!!!

If you want to try making this cream at home here is what you will need:
>Shea butter
>coconut oil
>lavender essential oil (optional)
>tea tree oil (optional) 

I was lucky this summer at the farmers market and picked up a few chunks beeswax! I used about half of one of these chunks (about 1-2 Tbs I'm guessing) 

Parker helped scoop about 2 Tbs of coconut oil into a glass bowl. 

We also used about 2 Tbs of raw Shea butter. I ordered this from Amazon awhile back. It is great for creams and lotions! 

While the beeswax started melting in a double boiler, we got the oil and butter mixed up together and ready to pour into the double boiler. 

The oil and butter melts pretty fast, the beeswax will take a little while. 

After everything was melted together I gave it a stir and set aside to cool and solidify. 

I forgot to snap a photo of the cream in solid form, but after it sets I like to whip it with the blender to give us a fluffy texture and make it easier to scoop a little out of the jar. After it's whipped is when I like to add a couple drops of lavender oil and couple drops tea tree. I just refill the same 4oz mason jar every time! 

Of course I made sure to label it appropriately so nobody thought it was something tasty. ;) 

I am hoping to get some more things made up before our baby girl gets here, but we shall see! 

Thankful Thursday!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's Thursday again!! We are also officially 2 weeks and one day away from our scheduled cesarean date to meet our little princess! Woohoo!!! 
Well... since it is that time again, I will share the 5 things I am most thankful for this week! 

1-  My husband! He is such a rock for us! He can always stand strong when I am weak, and be my encouragement as a mother. When I am worn out at the end of the day and two little boys are still wanting to go-go-go, my hubby notices and uses that time to get himself some extra play time with them. Even though he has also worked all day, he can be strong and "take one for the team". 

2-  Cold cereal. Pregnant momma life saver. We usually don't eat much cold cereal but at this stage in the game, it's my backup... Even for supper ;) (sorry to those of you who still think that I am Betty Crocker) 

3-  Prenatal Vitamins from New Chapter. This is my first pregnancy using this brand and I am sure Baby Aspen is getting all the vitamins she needs... My hair and skin have been the best out of all three pregnancies! 

4-  Our first snow! It didn't stick but it still lit a little spark of joy in my soul! 

5-  Amazon Prime. I usually like to support small and/or local shops, especially around the holidays but THIS momma's Christmas shopping is just about done, thanks to free shipping! I did order some handmade items so I was still able to make some purchases from small businesses this year. 

Thankful Thursday

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The top five things that I am thankful for this week...

1-  Fresh flowers. I bought a beautiful bouquet at Wal-Mart this week for only $10. It wasn't really in the budget but I have made worse decisions regarding our budget before...

2- Warm Food. Since temps are starting to drop it is so fulfilling to come in from the chilly weather and eat a warm meal! 

3-  Beautiful fall colors. God paints the most amazing scenery. 

4-  Essential oils. We have been on our oily journey for awhile now, and I am so thankful that I made the decision to give them a try! 

5-  Girls Night Out. Seriously. It is happening tonight, with my sister, and I don't have any kiddos tagging along... unless you count the babe in my belly, in which case I don't mind! We are going to get some supper and then head to see Anita Renfroe in Lincoln. I can't wait! She is hilarious and her heart belongs to Jesus, yep, my kinda girl!

Thankful... Friday! :)

Friday, November 6, 2015


I seriously intended to get this post up yesterday but I just can't seem to keep my head together these days. I also forgot about a chiropractor appointment that I scheduled for the boys the day before yesterday! I'm usually not this bad, it's pregnancy brain I tell ya!! :) We have been busy lately and will only get busier this month so I hope I don't start losing my head or anything. With chiropractor appointments, OB appointments, cattle, Noah's sick AGAIN (poor guy can't catch a break) and just life! :) 

But even though our life seems a little chaotic at the moment, I wanted to pop in here once a week and share what I am thankful for during the month of November! 

So here it goes, my top 5 for the week! 

1-  Towels!!!  Honestly, they have been a lifesaver around here lately! Noah has been coughing so much that he vomits, Parker has been getting his own glass of water and there is always a little spilled on the floor, and when I get up in the middle of the night to get Noah some water to help his throat... I always spill... So TOWELS!! 

2-  Washing Machine. All those towels and vomit covered clothes and bedding have to be washed somewhere. And I can do it all, in my home, without loading them up to take to somebody else's house or a laundry-mat! 

3-  Coffee. It just keeps me going, enough said. 

4-  Paper plates. I usually hate them, truly, it had been years since we used paper plates in our house-- they are a waste of money. UNLESS I'm pregnant with number three, working Monday through Thursday outside the home (besides this week since Noah is sick), have evening chores to do, and just can't muster up enough energy to do 8,000 dishes every night. 

5-  Grace. So thankful for Gods grace, without it I would certainly be a bigger wreck than I already am. Even though I fail at many things DAILY, I am given grace from my ONE TRUE KING. P.S. He must really love me ;) 

Week 34

Saturday, October 31, 2015

So we are officially FIVE weeks away from our set cesarean date! Wow! In only five weeks I will get to hold and snuggle our third baby, God willing of course. 

My 34 week appointment went great. Nothing new, just routine. Baby is around the size of a cantaloupe now! I am hoping to follow my OB's advice for some pelvic relief the next few weeks to carry this cantaloupe around :) My other option is physical therapy--- definitely don't have time or money for that, so I am going to try and follow Dr. Placeks directions for my belly band and a large exercise ball! 

I made sure to have get somebody lined up to take care of our boys when we go to the hospital so that is one thing checked off my list. They will get to spend the weekend with their Meemaw so I'm sure they won't miss their momma and dad one bit! 

My list before baby is most likely not going to be completed but I'm still trying to get as much as possible done! My next priority is to get some meals on the freezer. I hope to have some things for breakfast, dinner and supper made up ahead of delivery day and in the freezer. 
I am also plugging away at our Christmas shopping! If I don't get it purchased or made before baby Aspen arrives, it most likely won't get done after! ;) 
I was hoping to get our bedroom painted, but I'm thinking that is not going to be checked off the list. 

Anyways, here are some updates on how momma and baby are doing at 34 weeks pregnant:

Craving: steak and tators... For real! My hubby needs to take me out to eat I think! 

Feeling: hiccups! Poor babe! 

Belly Button: poking out more and more I believe 

Wearing: my belly band for extra support and comfy pants as soon as I get home! 

Symptoms: still sore, still lots of acid reflux :(  nesting mode is really kicking in, however it is a little difficult to get much done between work, and chores, and two little boys. I'm pretty sure my bladder needs emptied hourly these days, which also takes so much time, especially when I always have a toddler following closely behind! 

33 Weeks

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I wanted to get this post done this past weekend... but... it didn't happen :)

Procrastination and household chores got the best of me.

Anyways, update on being 33 weeks along with our third little blessing:


Craving - Anything sweet!

Sleeping - Not getting as much as I would like, but that is to be expected.

Symptoms - So sore! My lower back, hips, and pelvic area are all sore. It hurts to roll over in bed, hurts to stand up, hurts to turn my upper body... just hurts. Baby Aspen is a lot lower than the boys were so of course there is more pressure down there, plus my ab muscles were pretty much non-existent before getting pregnant this time so I am sure that doesn't help.  The pain pretty much feels like I just had a cesarean... only it has been about 14 months since Noah was born... PLUS the pain in my lower back and hips.
I also have a ton of heartburn and wake-me-in-the-middle-of-the-night acid reflux... which I did have with both boys.
The braxton hicks contractions have been going strong and can occasionally take my breath away, but they are nothin' compared to the lower pain in my hip/pelvis area.   (I am done complaining now, I know I will forget about all the discomfort when she is in my arms!)

Belly Button - Just barely poking OUT. If I am just wearing a T-shirt around the house, you can see it. You can't tell it's an outie when I get dressed for the day though since my outfits are a little more layered due to the changing weather.

Currently Anticipating - My 34 week appointment in two days. We are getting closer to my scheduled cesarean date so we will start discussing details, which is always VERY exciting. PLUS I am getting my hair cut that afternoon and I need it SOOOOO bad! Seriously, I can barely get a pick through my ends because they are so damaged right now.

Wearing - My clothing options are getting a little slimmer these days. I am not one to spend a ton on maternity clothes. I think I have one pair of new jeans and a couple new t-shirts (and by new, I mean bought them when I was pregnant with Noah :)  Other than that I have bought used from friend and family or the thrift store. I also had some loaned and given to me. I am finding that so many of the actual maternity clothes I had though were either too big or just not my style. I try to not be picky but I just can't pull of bright pink shirts, especially when I have nothing in my wardrobe to pair it with. I can't wear jeans to work so 4 out of 7 days I need something besides jeans. My favorites have been leggings with long tunic style tops, and stretchy, colored jeggings.
I have also been wearing a belly band to help support my BIG OLE BELLY :)

Feeling - A lot of movement under my ribs, she likes to hang out on my right side. She has also had the hiccups about every day for the past 4 or 5 days.


We are all so excited to meet Aspen and hold her close to our hearts! Soon, very soon.

Fitting five people in our two bedroom home

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"How are you going to fit everybody in your house?"

"When are you moving?"

"You better start building a new house."

"Are you looking for a bigger place?"

HA! I have heard these statements and questions so much lately! People, I love you, but your driving me bonkers. We have a plan. Always have. And guess what... God has the ultimate plan and it seems to suit us just fine right now. We are happy with His plan for our family right now, we are actually loving it.

Before having any kids, Jerrad and I both knew we wanted more than a "couple" and talked many times about having four babes! As we are on number three and people keep asking "Are you done after this?" we are still saying four! GASP!!!! We do hope to have a bigger home by the time we have another babe, but since number three is still cookin' in my womb, I would say we have some time :)

As we get closer to my cesarean date I am feeling all the "nesting" vibes and trying to tidy our little home. Yes, we have every intention of staying in our little two bedroom home with three kiddos.

The boys will share a room... that has always been the plan, but Noah is still in our bed so we are trying to get him to sleep in the crib in the boys room now.. pray for us, would ya? He has never been a good sleeper but is FINALLY sleeping through the night so we are slowly working towards him sleeping in the crib... at least start out in there, that would be a giant leap.  The boys have the bigger bedroom and closet so that helps with all the toys that I hate :)

When we bring baby Aspen home she will of course sleep in mine and Jerrad's room. OR the living room.... since I often fall asleep in the recliner while nursing my littles (If you have never done this, YOU ARE SUPERMOM!)  She has a little dresser in the corner of our room for clothing, blankets, burp rags, etc. We also have a long dresser that the hubby and I share, I have set up a little changing area on top of that for her. I also plan on decorating the area just a little girly for her. Since Noah slept in our room for so long, I have no plans or hopes of Aspen doing much different.

Our living areas: kitchen, dining, and living room are all decent size so we aren't extremely cramped, just cozy. We also have so much outdoor space to make up for the lack of indoor space. Right now, with our kiddos still little, we actually enjoy our small space. If only I had a little more storage space....

WHY we aren't leaving our home....
*It is our first home.
*We own it, free and clear.... moving would mean adding an expense that we don't currently have. (I am not bragging or trying to toot my own horn here, just stating a fact... also, it is a trailer house with an addition, so obviously not too expensive HA)
*We bought Jerrad's grandparents farm a few years ago and make payments on that... not cheap, and we can't afford another mortgage.
*We still fit, just a little cozy.
*We are trying to make a life for ourselves and our kids... which includes a GET THE HECK OUT OF DEBT plan... Just because society thinks we need a bigger home, doesn't mean we actually do.

Of course, we do not owe anybody an explanation of WHY, however, some people can't wrap their heads around it so I thought I would be kind enough to explain. You're welcome.

Love and blessings to you all,


Lil' Pumpkin Baby Sprinkle

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This last Sunday we had a little celebration to gear up for the arrival of baby Aspen. The party was put together by my good friend, Angela, with some help from some of our church family and sister, Emily.

There were a couple quick games and then everybody helped to make some BEAUTIFUL headbands for baby girl! We now have an amazing stash of hair pretties that were made out of love for our precious babe. Hopefully she will not mind wearing them, being the first girl out of three kiddos I am a little excited to dress her up in pink and bows! :)

The party had a "Lil' Pumpkin" theme and it was extremely beautiful. I couldn't have asked for better people to love on us!

I had requested this cake from a "Pin" I had seen, and requested the flavor to by carrot... It came out perfect, and YUMMY!!!


Angela decorated the large "A" with washi tape! I already have the perfect place for it and will share pictures when I get her little area all done.


The cupcakes were done by the same gal that made the cake and each had a cute little pumpkin on top! Angela made the hanging decorations above the table out of coffee filters that she died herself.

All the tables had the lace looking tablecloths and fresh baby's breath, so sweet and girly.


Everybody pinned a note to include in Aspens baby book.


Headband making supplies.

With five boys and a love of pink, Rebecca was very excited to make a headband, or two!


Noah found somebody with food of course! Thanks Amanda for sharing! :)


Party favors. I just added some Elmer's glue to the top of the little pumpkins and spread it out a little, sprinkled gold glitter and tied on a Thank You tag that I stamped.


Our family is very loved. We are so blessed to have all these amazing people in our lives that want to celebrate with us! Thank you so much everybody for sharing in our excitement for Baby Number Three!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wow, it has been awhile :) 4 months, actually, since I last posted on here. We have been busy in those last 4 months though, just like everybody else during the summer months. Life will kind of settle down for the next month or so, then pick back up again as we go into holidays and BABY TIME!!!

We are seriously just a little over seven weeks away from meeting baby Aspen. This pregnancy has flown by, and I am assuming it is because we have a four and one year old to chase after. Parker started school, and soccer... Noah is crawling and furniture cruising everywhere and in every cupboard these days. One of these days he will surprise us and walk across the room :)  (wishful thinking)

As we get closer to our cesarean date for baby Aspen, I am becoming more aware that I am pregnant... and that we are, in deed, having a little girl. Honestly, with the busyness going on, I don't get much time to actually think about this pregnancy or how it will be having our first baby girl...   I am reminded much more often as she kicks and squirms in my belly though. Pretty sure she is going to be just as active as the boys... I am not sure if she sleeps much. All.The.Kicking.All.The.Time.   She seems to enjoy getting right into my ribs, on the right side (much like the boys).

We will be celebrating her pending arrival this weekend at church with a little "shower". I firmly believe in celebrating every baby, no matter how many you have had, so my friend Angela is throwing an amazing party and all my guests will help make pretty little headbands! Fun, RIGHT??? :)

I will try to post photos of the party afterwards, as I am sure it will be beautiful... Angela knows how to party  :)

As we grow :)

Red - White - and - Blue

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I always enjoy having a pretty wreath or door hanger of some sort on our front door. I REALLY love a beautiful wreath though! :) I have picked some up at thrift stores, craft shows, and garage sales over the years. A couple years ago I made a fall themed wreath... I also made a summer themed wreath for my hubby's grandma a year or two ago. Wreaths can be easy to make, and easy on our wallet! Win-Win!

Since our door has been bare since Easter, I decided I needed to find something to hang up through the summer! I like to be able to get my use out of things, so I knew I was going to do a red, white, and blue theme. It will work for Memorial Day and Independence Day! I didn't get mine made before Memorial Day this year, but I'm ready for next year :) 

I picked two sets of these red and blue sunflowers- found them at Walmart for around $3 each. 

I bought a grapevine wreath for $4-5. I started by plucking all the flowers from the stems and then laying them around the wreath to kind of get an idea of how I wanted them. 

Next, I picked them up one by one and glued the backs with hot glue! 

After all flowers were glued down I scoured Pinterest for a tutorial on making bows- sorry, I don't remember which one I used! ;) I made my bow out of Off-White burlap ribbon and then hot glued that down as well! 

And now our door is a little happier! 

The Easter Story Day #2

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Today was a pretty simple day in regards to our Easter activities.

We read about Judas choosing to betray Jesus to gain silver coins. Parker's bible didn't have the story so we just read out of mamas bible. 

Parker colored the piece for our resurrection eggs and since we were talking about silver, I grabbed a real coin to add to the egg for today. He was super excited about the real money 

We also read another book. This book is short and sweet but talks about how eggs and bunnies are fun for Easter, but the most important part is Gods son.  I found this one at Walmart last year.
And we can't forget about Noah! He hung out on the floor today playing with his toys while we chatted, colored, and read our story and bible. 

He also enjoyed his teething biscuit in the afternoon. This poor babe has the toughest time getting them teethers in! 

I can see and feel his tooth making it's way in... Just wish it would break through already, darn it. I found all natural, homeopathic teething tablets that a friend suggested, and those seem to calm him, just not soothe him. I tried diluting Copaiba essential oil 1:30 with organic olive oil today. It seemed to help the pain/discomfort! Yay!!! Hoping he sleeps week tonight! 


The Easter Story Day #1

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I am very hit or miss here in this space on the World Wide Web, HOWEVER, I am challenging myself to blog twelve days in a row-ish! ;) I'm hilarious, I know! I thought I would document how we are learning, celebrating, and readying ourselves for Easter this year! Since this 12 days includes Easter Sunday and a couple other days we will be busy partying it up, I may squish a couple days into one! I knew you would understand! 

So! Today we read this great book I found at the thrift store a couple months ago. 
It is lengthy and has lots of words, but a great book for Parker since he is four and ready to learn more! I also had a friends two year old today and she was able to sit and listen to the entire story! 

We also skipped ahead in this children's bible story book! 
I love this one and it is what we use everyday with our Heart of Dakota curriculum! 
After our story time we started our resurrection eggs. This is the first year to do these so I will have Parker color each piece as we go this time! 

I bought this set on clearance last year from Oriental Trading after the season. I think they were about $3-$4! 

Our "project" for the day was to make Palm leaves/branches... This template came from the awesome mentor moms in the MOPs group I used to attend. 

What all this really looks like ;)
Coffee is a must. 

Any fun ideas you have for celebrating Easter? I'd love to hear! 


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