Welcoming Autumn Harvests!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I love how little Parker looks in this photo from the pumpkin patch last Sunday! 

It may seem kind of early to some, but I was so excited to get to the pumpkin patch this year!

Maybe because it was this little guys first visit... He slept the entire time of course! 

And maybe because my younger sister who also had a baby this year, joined us! I can hardly wait for these cousins to start building memories and bonds with each other! She's adorable right??!!! 

The pumpkin patch that we visited is just a small, family farm.... But they don't disappoint! I love that I can really let my Little Man roam around without worrying about him getting lost or too far away... It's literally just on a regular old farm.... That happens to be beautiful! 

Parker enjoyed the "corn" box 
He also found the farm kitties of course... I don't understand his fondness of cats... Neither I, nor his father really like cats.

We came home with a great assortment of pumpkin, squash and gourds! Also- a little "vine" of Bittersweet and some caramel apples! 

Our day ended when my sister stubbed her toe on a pumpkin, and broke hew toenail OFF!! :( She was a trooper, she never cried! ;) 

Hope you find your way to a pumpkin patch this fall! 



Thursday, September 25, 2014

So glad we get to enjoy nice weather with baby Noah before cold days AND nights come in! 

These peg boards consume my little man at the library. 

Who knew how awesome this dude is at pushing the merry go round and jumping on... Proud mama moment :)

While one pushes merry go rounds, the other does what he does best, nap. 

Do•A•Dots are a favorite for "school" time. 

While taking walks we pick up a little of everything, sometimes even "antlers"

Love you! 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This is happening in our kitchen... But we shall have a new floor and no more water leaks soon! 

This little guy is allll about relaxing and mama lovin'! 

We enjoyed family fun day at church last weekend, Noah enjoyed his nap while Parker played in the bounce house. 

We love God Greatly and thank Him so much for two healthy, precious boys! 

Love, Dakota

Our new family of four

Sunday, September 7, 2014

As I type this post, Noah Michael is officially 1 week old. One of the fastest weeks of my life... Don't they all go like that after God entrusts you with a little miracle??

Noah was born last Thursday, Aug 28th. He was 7lb and 7oz and measured 20 inches long. His time of birth was 7:56am and we think he is absolutely perfect! He was born via repeat cesarean birth. 

I was so impressed and happy with how this second birthing experience turned out. I had been thinking so much about our first cesarean with Parker and never really thought how different it would be to have a planned vs. emergency cesarean. I was so much more aware of everything going on, not half asleep and puking all over from all the meds they gave me for the emergency cesarean. I was able to have my baby and husband with me while I was in recovery, I had to wait an hour in recovery before I was able to see and hold our first baby boy! 

Our first thought when we set eyes on baby Noah for the first time was that he looked so much like his older brother... With TONS of hair! :) Oh... I seriously love his hair! 

Right now we are slowing adjusting as a family of four and loving every minute of it! Noah gets snuggled, and hugged and kissed all day, every day and has the best big brother a little guy could ask for! 

We are in love... In love... In love!!! 

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