Big Brother

Thursday, July 31, 2014

This handsome little fella is about to have his world changed... He will soon be a "Big Brother" to our precious little Noah, who is due in one month! (Time flies!)

I am so excited for him to meet his brother and we have been talking about the baby boy growing in my belly for a while now. Even though we try our best to get him to understand what will actually happen, everybody knows that it will be a different understanding when the day arrives (just like a first time mom!). 

I truly hope that Parker stays excited about this baby boy! I hope he loves him with his whole heart the moment he meets him and every moment after! But... I do know that this may not be the case and that Parker may find it difficult to understand all the change that comes with a newborn baby... And that newborn baby being a new member to our family. 

I hope that Parker always feels like his momma and daddy love him with our whole hearts and that we are capable of loving two little boys at the same time! 

I am sure Parker will be a great big brother though. He talks about feeding the baby all the time... we are working on understand that only momma feeds the baby when he first gets here! :) 

I am so excited to see Parker's first reaction when he gets to meet his little baby brother. I truly hope to capture this moment on camera! 

Parker and Noah... They will be my babies! 

County Fair 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Whew! We have the county fair behind us  and now I can start thinking about our camping trip next weekend and BBQ we are having the weekend after that!!

Parker showed a cow and chicken in the peewee division for 4H, which is pretty much just a fun opportunity for the young littles to get involved! They all have somebody with them to help them and get a participation ribbon. This year they got goodie bags with fun info and coloring pages in them! 

Here is Parker and Daddy in the show ring! We borrowed the cow from some family friends since we didn't have any animals at the fair. 

They stood in front of the county fair sign afterwards for mom to snag a photo! 

Uncle Chance helped Parker show in the chicken show. Also- not our chicken. 

He really liked the chicken show because the judge asked him questions and he got to talk into the microphone! 

We also walked the midway and played a few games and enjoyed some carnival rides! 

On to the next weekends plans!!! 

34 week "bump-date" and thoughts

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Currently I am 34 weeks pregnant. We have a little over 5 weeks left, due to a scheduled Cecerean Delivery on August 28th. 

I am no longer able to lay flat on my back... Unless I want to practically suffocate! :)  

Acid reflux dictates what I eat everyday, about anything I consume besides milk or water will end up burning my throat later. 

Baby Noah must be getting squished... He now tends roll more than kicking and punching, which is fine with me! :) 

If I'm not wearing a tank top under my shirts, you can see my "outie" belly button now! 

I have been getting more and more baby stuff ready. And we are planning a BBQ at our house in a couple weeks to celebrate little Noah's pending arrival. Just family and food and of course lots of pictures to be taken! 

August will actually end up being a rough month... Besides me being rather large and off blance due to a precious miracle growing inside me... But my husband found out that he will be working lots of overtime. Like home only every other weekend. So I will get to see him a total of about 3 days between July 27th and when baby Noah arrives. Our family is kind of used to not getting much time with him since he is currently only home on weekends but now it's going to be even harder. 

The good thing is that we know God is on our side! He is always working miracles into our lives and has the perfect plan for us! We just have to love Him in return and we will continue to bless us in many more ways than we could ever imagine! 

Tomorrow is my 34 week checkup, we pray that little Noah shows no signs of coming out early so that he can develop and grow as much as possible before arriving in this big, strange world! :)

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