Wednesday, December 17, 2014

In this season of advent, I have been using the Good Morning Girls advent study, "Keeping Our Hearts Focused on Jesus" which is FREE on their website! We used this advent study last year and I brought it back this year because I loved it so much!

This advent is perfect for families, there are "family activites" but they don't go overboard. Lots of just sharing Jesus with your little ones! I have been able to incorporate so much of what we like to do, IN WITH this study due to its simplicity! There is also a "bible study" type portion that I usually try to get up a little early for, that way I can do it in my quiet time. 

The theme for this week is Joy! And today's verse was Psalm 16:11 
"You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand."  Psalm 16:11 NIV

Somedays my heart just opens up to God during my study time and honestly, some times I have to pray about being more open and vulnerable to him. Today though, my whole self was filled with the JOY that only He can fill my heart with. 

The first part of this verse mentions the "path of life".YES, the path of EVERLASTING life! Knowing that because Christ died for ME, I will be set free from earth - into heaven - is just breath taking.  

The next bit is just as exciting! 
"You will fill me with joy in your presence"
If I just invite God in, open the door, and ask him to work in my heart... I will be FILLED with joy! In His presence, I will find hope, and love, and peace, and grace, and happiness, and contentment, and LIFE! How can one not be filled with joy, knowing all that Gods promises hold? 

He promises eternal pleasures at his right hand. His RIGHT HAND- the place of most honor. With Him we will be truly filled with such joy that we cannot even fathom here on earth. 

I am so thankful and blessed to be a daughter of God. In this season, I can't be more thankful for His son, Jesus Christ, who was born in a manger, and gave us with the promise of everlasting life. 

May you find Joy, and Hope in Christ this Christmas Season! 


Holiday Treasure Hunt

Friday, November 28, 2014

Our family had a lovely time this evening at our town's annual holiday treasure hunt. It is seriously so fun and I get excited about it every year! It's the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season! 

This treasure hunt is always the Friday following Thanksgiving. You have to get to the community center that day to register and get tickets- which are free. You may also purchase raffle tickets while you are down there for later that night. 

Anytime from 5p-7p you will walk around downtown and look at the numbers posted on storefront windows, hoping those numbers match your tickets. If you are lucky and have a winning ticket, you get to go get your prize at the tables set up in front of the Welsh Heritage Center. 
You can then go inside the courtyard and get some free cocoa and see Santa. 

Parker asked for skates. 

--to be honest I am not sure how I feel about Santa but I know he is unavoidable in our current situations with family so we do have Santa, but really focus our attention and time on Jesus Christ our savior. If anybody has any advice on how to handle this situation and let family know that we would like less emphasis on Santa... Without stepping on toes?? 

After we enjoyed the outdoor festivities we walked over to the community center to enjoy the soup supper and live entertainment. 
Ya, I don't know how it turned out so blurry.

Noah is three months old today and with all the busyness and people watching he was just pooped out!

Parker ate more chicken noodle soup than I've seen him eat in the past two days all together! 

After we ate, we stayed for the raffle drawing. We didn't win anything, but have our memories, and that's more than we could ever ask for! 

Ha ha ha ha ha! He woke up and couldn't stop yawning!! 

Outdoor Fall Decor

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Usually I am super duper excited to decorate for every changing season and holiday, BUT, a newborn and 3 year old kind of wear me out! (Plus I'm in feeling more "simple is best" right now) :) so... We bought some pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and I pulled one little sign out of my fall stash and I'm calling it good for outside this year! 

The "Happy Halloween" sign was a garage sale find two years ago. 

Most of my flowers are still in pretty good condition so I haven't had the heart to pull them yet! I just added to them! 

This old coal bucket was a gift from my aunt and I think I like it best used as a planter! 

Our half whisky barrel has a mum planted in it... But it's not doing so well! And one wee little pumpkin sits in front.

The plan is to rake and gather leaves tomorrow afternoon to jump in!!! And then we will fill a couple "pumpkin trash bags" that I found on clearance at the end of the season last year! 

Happy fall!! 

Weekend Happenings

Monday, October 13, 2014

This weekend has been a good one :) don't you love when you can say that?

This water caraf was a gift I received this week and I am absolutely in love with it! ;) 

Friday started early and I was up by myself for a couple hours! Doesn't that sound amazing and strange all at once???? The hubby was sleeping and BOTH boys were sleeping... I'd call that success! 

I was able to get in some quiet time reading my bible and also some chores done. Laundry, ironing and clutter cleared in the kitchen and dining room! 

Our town had a small 1 mile fun run/5K race on Saturday to raise money for the senior prom. Parker and I did the 1 mile run/walk and had lots of fun! 

Just to show how far ahead of me he was in the beginning... He is the small little guy in black! ;) (he had his "boosters" on) haha!!

After the race Saturday we went and did some cleanup work at the farm. We cleared the dead plants out of the garden  and cleaned one of the chicken coops out. I finally was able to get a photo of the Barred Rock rooster... We think he is rather handsome! Here he is with a few of his ladies! 

Hope your weekend was great! 


Welcoming Autumn Harvests!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I love how little Parker looks in this photo from the pumpkin patch last Sunday! 

It may seem kind of early to some, but I was so excited to get to the pumpkin patch this year!

Maybe because it was this little guys first visit... He slept the entire time of course! 

And maybe because my younger sister who also had a baby this year, joined us! I can hardly wait for these cousins to start building memories and bonds with each other! She's adorable right??!!! 

The pumpkin patch that we visited is just a small, family farm.... But they don't disappoint! I love that I can really let my Little Man roam around without worrying about him getting lost or too far away... It's literally just on a regular old farm.... That happens to be beautiful! 

Parker enjoyed the "corn" box 
He also found the farm kitties of course... I don't understand his fondness of cats... Neither I, nor his father really like cats.

We came home with a great assortment of pumpkin, squash and gourds! Also- a little "vine" of Bittersweet and some caramel apples! 

Our day ended when my sister stubbed her toe on a pumpkin, and broke hew toenail OFF!! :( She was a trooper, she never cried! ;) 

Hope you find your way to a pumpkin patch this fall! 



Thursday, September 25, 2014

So glad we get to enjoy nice weather with baby Noah before cold days AND nights come in! 

These peg boards consume my little man at the library. 

Who knew how awesome this dude is at pushing the merry go round and jumping on... Proud mama moment :)

While one pushes merry go rounds, the other does what he does best, nap. 

Do•A•Dots are a favorite for "school" time. 

While taking walks we pick up a little of everything, sometimes even "antlers"

Love you! 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This is happening in our kitchen... But we shall have a new floor and no more water leaks soon! 

This little guy is allll about relaxing and mama lovin'! 

We enjoyed family fun day at church last weekend, Noah enjoyed his nap while Parker played in the bounce house. 

We love God Greatly and thank Him so much for two healthy, precious boys! 

Love, Dakota

Our new family of four

Sunday, September 7, 2014

As I type this post, Noah Michael is officially 1 week old. One of the fastest weeks of my life... Don't they all go like that after God entrusts you with a little miracle??

Noah was born last Thursday, Aug 28th. He was 7lb and 7oz and measured 20 inches long. His time of birth was 7:56am and we think he is absolutely perfect! He was born via repeat cesarean birth. 

I was so impressed and happy with how this second birthing experience turned out. I had been thinking so much about our first cesarean with Parker and never really thought how different it would be to have a planned vs. emergency cesarean. I was so much more aware of everything going on, not half asleep and puking all over from all the meds they gave me for the emergency cesarean. I was able to have my baby and husband with me while I was in recovery, I had to wait an hour in recovery before I was able to see and hold our first baby boy! 

Our first thought when we set eyes on baby Noah for the first time was that he looked so much like his older brother... With TONS of hair! :) Oh... I seriously love his hair! 

Right now we are slowing adjusting as a family of four and loving every minute of it! Noah gets snuggled, and hugged and kissed all day, every day and has the best big brother a little guy could ask for! 

We are in love... In love... In love!!! 

Big Brother

Thursday, July 31, 2014

This handsome little fella is about to have his world changed... He will soon be a "Big Brother" to our precious little Noah, who is due in one month! (Time flies!)

I am so excited for him to meet his brother and we have been talking about the baby boy growing in my belly for a while now. Even though we try our best to get him to understand what will actually happen, everybody knows that it will be a different understanding when the day arrives (just like a first time mom!). 

I truly hope that Parker stays excited about this baby boy! I hope he loves him with his whole heart the moment he meets him and every moment after! But... I do know that this may not be the case and that Parker may find it difficult to understand all the change that comes with a newborn baby... And that newborn baby being a new member to our family. 

I hope that Parker always feels like his momma and daddy love him with our whole hearts and that we are capable of loving two little boys at the same time! 

I am sure Parker will be a great big brother though. He talks about feeding the baby all the time... we are working on understand that only momma feeds the baby when he first gets here! :) 

I am so excited to see Parker's first reaction when he gets to meet his little baby brother. I truly hope to capture this moment on camera! 

Parker and Noah... They will be my babies! 

County Fair 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Whew! We have the county fair behind us  and now I can start thinking about our camping trip next weekend and BBQ we are having the weekend after that!!

Parker showed a cow and chicken in the peewee division for 4H, which is pretty much just a fun opportunity for the young littles to get involved! They all have somebody with them to help them and get a participation ribbon. This year they got goodie bags with fun info and coloring pages in them! 

Here is Parker and Daddy in the show ring! We borrowed the cow from some family friends since we didn't have any animals at the fair. 

They stood in front of the county fair sign afterwards for mom to snag a photo! 

Uncle Chance helped Parker show in the chicken show. Also- not our chicken. 

He really liked the chicken show because the judge asked him questions and he got to talk into the microphone! 

We also walked the midway and played a few games and enjoyed some carnival rides! 

On to the next weekends plans!!! 

34 week "bump-date" and thoughts

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Currently I am 34 weeks pregnant. We have a little over 5 weeks left, due to a scheduled Cecerean Delivery on August 28th. 

I am no longer able to lay flat on my back... Unless I want to practically suffocate! :)  

Acid reflux dictates what I eat everyday, about anything I consume besides milk or water will end up burning my throat later. 

Baby Noah must be getting squished... He now tends roll more than kicking and punching, which is fine with me! :) 

If I'm not wearing a tank top under my shirts, you can see my "outie" belly button now! 

I have been getting more and more baby stuff ready. And we are planning a BBQ at our house in a couple weeks to celebrate little Noah's pending arrival. Just family and food and of course lots of pictures to be taken! 

August will actually end up being a rough month... Besides me being rather large and off blance due to a precious miracle growing inside me... But my husband found out that he will be working lots of overtime. Like home only every other weekend. So I will get to see him a total of about 3 days between July 27th and when baby Noah arrives. Our family is kind of used to not getting much time with him since he is currently only home on weekends but now it's going to be even harder. 

The good thing is that we know God is on our side! He is always working miracles into our lives and has the perfect plan for us! We just have to love Him in return and we will continue to bless us in many more ways than we could ever imagine! 

Tomorrow is my 34 week checkup, we pray that little Noah shows no signs of coming out early so that he can develop and grow as much as possible before arriving in this big, strange world! :)

Pregnancy Woes

Friday, June 27, 2014

I have to admit - my first pregnancy was pretty smooth sailing. I was extremely tired - actually found out anemic - but other than that I wasn't THAT uncomfortable or have many questions or "issues". But this second time around is kind of rough. I know that there are many, many more serious problems or issues than mine, but compared to my first time around, this is not comparable actually.

I honestly try to sugar coat it to my husband! SHHHH, don't tell him! :) He keeps saying that maybe we should rethink how many babies we really want to have... nope! I'm the one with the issues and I am NOT dying, so I still have it in my head that we will have more babies!

Okay, on to my "issues"... This pregnancy is so, so, so uncomfortable. I truly believe this baby lives in my ribs... he is always up in there like he is afraid of moving down or something. Parker would occasionally position himself up in my ribs but he definitely didn't think he had to live up in there! I can really tell that I am in the third trimester now as I am getting so tired again, and this week has been rough trying to sleep. I have to roll over every hour or so due to being so uncomfortable, or I have to get up to pee... that is always an issue though HA!

Probably my least favorite part of being pregnant this time is the pain at the bottom of my belly from my previous C-Section. If I move just right, or stand up fast or sneeze... I get a shooting pain under my belly that stops my in my tracks for a second or two! I checked with my doc, she said it had to do with the nerves being messed up. My newest issue is my ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN... ALL THE TIME. It isn't like most people describe, like from coughing, sneezing, or standing up fast... it is literally like allllllll the time. FOR REAL!  I am going to try to do some yoga to help alleviate this pain though, hopefully it helps and also I have read that yoga should be very beneficial during and after pregnancy for pre/post natal care so I am excited!

Now that I have complained like I am dying I should mention that I am so truly happy that God has entrusted our family with the blessing of carrying yet another miracle of life! I can only pray that our Lord also blesses us with a happy, healthy, and perfect little baby when he enters this world.

Love and Blessings - Dakota

Sam Wymore Days

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Even though our towns annual parade and weekend long festivities were almost a month ago, I thought that I would still share some photos of our fun!

Friday evening we walked down to the Family Block Party and had lots of fun.

Waiting in line for the blow up slide. 

Free Snowcones

Free IceCream
I little rest on our walk back home. 

Of course we had to stop at the next block to play on the old train cars.

Saturday morning, the whole family got to enjoy the parade.

Love and Blessings - Dakota
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