29 weeks: baby #4

Sunday, August 13, 2017

So close, yet so far away. That is what the third trimester always feels like for me. At 29 weeks, I am just at the beginning of the the home-stretch! At this point, the sleepless nights and drowsy days are kind of running the show. The Cowboy rolled over in bed the other morning and seen me reading articles on my phone so asked what time it was, "4:26" I told him. He rolled back over, his back facing me now and very loudly questioned, "What the heck are you doing up?". Well, since I had laid there awake since 3:20, I figured that I would at least read up on some things! The boys were sleeping in the living room, after falling asleep watching a movie so I knew that I didn't dare walk out and try to stir around in the house. Then of course I am tired all day long from tossing and turning all night to get comfortable and being up for over an hour in the wee morning hours. Vicious circle it is during third trimester.
                                       {dress: Liz Lange for Target, found on clearance for $7}
At 29 weeks, baby girl is supposedly the size of a pineapple. I don't doubt this as my belly is usually in the way or I feel a big strong kick in the ribs. She is also pressing down pretty low, causing me to feel like I was kicked in the pubic bone... or that she may just come out of my behind... kidding, kind of! HA!

I also have had so much discomfort in my upper abdomen due to my other organs getting pretty squished and the acid reflux plus heartburn is waking me up at night and just pure torture. I have had acid reflux with all my pregnancies but two kids were born with only a little hair, and one was born with a full head of hair... so we shall see what kind of hair-do this sweet baby comes out with.

On my Nesting List for this week is:

  • paint the front door 
  • sew a crib sheet... we actually wont be using the crib for awhile  but I bought the fabric so would like to just get it done and then I will have a back up for Aspen until this new babe needs it :)
  • make a couple tiny hair bow headbands... most of Aspens newborn ones I got rid of, so I would like to have a few on hand 
  • get the baby girl tote out of the garage and wash all NB-3 month size clothes to put away
  • Rearrange kids bedroom to fit Aspens toddler bed... We have to replace the floor in their room so this will be done AGAIN before the baby arrives but I would like to get Aspen sleeping in her own bed before we will have time to get the floor done. 
  • Hang curtains back up for The Cowboy and I's closet... they fell down about 8 months ago and I just rolled them into a ball and shoved them into a corner of the closet...oops!
Next appointment with my favorite OB: This coming Thursday. We are on a 2 week schedule now because this pregnancy has been quite miserable and uncomfortable and just need a little extra monitoring these days. 

My final thoughts this week: With school starting for our oldest in just a few days, and a fourth baby coming to our family in the next few months I just really want to cherish and enjoy the moments with the three blessings that we have in our home already. We used a couple free admission coupons a couple days ago to squeeze in an end of summer Children's Zoo trip and it was perfect. My plans for this last weekend before school starts include a little swimming, a picnic lunch and maybe a farmers market trip. Nothing expensive, nothing that requires a lot of planning or packing or rushing... just slow and intentional time with my loves. 


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