Why you should shop local and one of my favorite local stores

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I am sure you have heard the phrases "shop local"  "support small business" or "shop small" many times... BUT have you ever really stopped to think about what the really means or how it could impact those that you would supporting?

By making wise choices as to where I spend my money, I am making an impact somewhere close to home.  I can put money into a friends pocket by purchasing an item from her that she handmade, between diaper changes and filling sippy cups. I can buy a gift for somebody special from a family member who works for a direct sales company trying to pay for her daughters dance classes.  I want to support small businesses, around my local community before I run to a big box store and put money into somebody's pocket that I have never met.

That is how I found my friend Jojo. This lady has been such a blessing in my life, and in more ways that one! Since I have this passion for shopping local, I came up with the idea to start featuring some of my favorite local places, or my friends who are working hard to earn a buck by slaving over handmade goods or standing behind products that they love and working for a direct sales company. I might sound a little "commercial -y" but I am okay with that, and I hope that you are too! All opinions are 100% mine, this little series just came about due to my love for purchasing with purpose!

Let me introduce you to the lovely Jojo Meyer...
She owns a small shop in Beatrice called Jo jo's Where Shabby Meets Bling. Jojo and her husband live in the second story of this beautiful home and the store is located on the main floor. Beacuse I love people, and I absolutely love hearing peoples stories I asked her to share about herself! :) Here is Jojo's story:
"My name is Amy Meyer, I prefer jojo but answer to a variety of names including mom and Mother Bird. Born in the great state of Nebraska and raised in Iowa where my parents and sister Molly and her family still reside. My baby sister lives in Vegas with her family which is wonderful because that is where my only child, Zedekiah, has moved to. It's a great comfort knowing that family is nearby for him.
Upon graduating I moved to New York (Long Island) and began my first Nanny position.  Through the years I've worked for/with many families in numerous states and have met some amazing people. I created a business called Mother Bird (the name my son gave me years ago).  In a nutshell, I would assist families or individuals by doing whatever it was that made their lives easier.  While living in Colorado my days were rather colorful with clients. I was a Personal Assistant to a young 90 year old business man.  An overnight Nanny 2 times  a week to a Junior Ski Champion. I took on organization and decluttering projects for clients as well as holiday decorating.  People in the Vail Valley are busy people so I also assisted clients with weekly grocery shopping and errands.   A personal chef to an anesthesiologist and an as-needed Mary Poppins style Nanny to numerous locals in the Vail Valley as well as those visiting for "fresh-powder" skiing.  I could've worked 24/7 had we stayed living there longer I would've hired individuals to assist with clients.  Once we knew we were going to be moving to Beatrice I did months of research and searching for clients for Mother Bird in Beatrice.  They just weren't found.  Perhaps I was looking in the wrong places.  I ended up finding all my clients in about 2 weeks in  the Omaha area. It presented the obstacle of needing to live in Omaha 4 nights per week for work and I'd come back to Beatrice on the weekends.  Eventually the commuting took a toll on me and I began focusing on opening a store again.  A store that would contain things I love and also allow me to utilize my creativity which was something I missed after moving away where I owned a company called G'Wiliker's which catered to kids.  I provided art's&craft's sessions and parties as well as a Mommy & Me time.
Married to Kevin Meyer, a teacher and football coach.  I still laugh to this day when I think about how a certain someone said I was only dating him because he was a football coach.  I laugh because I know nothing about football and it actually puts me to sleep but I try to be a wonderful supporter for him.  I'll always be his biggest fan!"
What can you find at Jojo's? "Treasures and things created with love!  Vintage treasures, repurposed home decor, shabby chic furniture and home decor, jewelry by 2 artisans. darling children's items created by 2 women and awesome bird feeders using repurposed materials."
Who might enjoy what Jojo's has to offer? "Those who have an understanding of what it means to support local and why we all should support local.  Buying local is not a fad.  It's a way of life that keeps your town from turning into a ghost town.  Those who appreciate one-of-a-kind treasures and homemade creations.  Those who appreciate the creative mind,  People who don't care for a store filled with "from China" merchandise. Customers who respect and appreciate building up other women who are simply following their dreams, being true to themselves and embracing and making time for creating."
So... this holiday season, purchase with a purpose. Seek out the individuals who are putting so much effort into providing for themselves/family. 
How cute are these gift tags that she made out of vintage children's books? (I may have bought a few packages...) 
And this display was for the fall season but LOOK AT THIS, darling! 

Dakota xoxo

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