Leggings aren't pants

Friday, August 5, 2016

Leggings aren't pants, and neither are shorts, or dresses, or skirts... yet the only debate here is whether ladies should be aloud to wear leggings without something covering their bum. I say it depends on the quality of leggings,  the whole outfit, your modesty, and just how comfortable you are in public ;)

I honestly love wearing leggings, they are so comfortable. Whether I am lounging around the house, in church, or running errands... I like my leggings, darn it. When buying leggings I will ALWAYS try them on... I need to make sure they aren't see through! Modesty will be your best friend when it comes to leggings ladies. Also, muffin top is a thing after three babies, so I like to make sure I don't have anything spilling over the sides... the struggle is real these days. Generally, I do like to make sure I wear tops that will at least cover the top portion of my bum, if not all. Tunic tops seem to be my "go to" when wearing leggings.

I have been eyeing all the printed leggings lately but never jumped on the trend due to either poor quality of leggings, or they were great quality but not in my budget. So... when my friend Lindsay reached out to me through Instagram, asking if I would like to try a pair of LuLaRoe leggings I was so excited!

I first found out about LuLaRoe through my friend Meagan, she had posted a photo of some VERY cute printed leggings and when I asked, she said they were from LuLaRoe! My search was on. I immediately Googled this brand, as I had never heard of it. My next step was searching Facebook and Instagram for a local consultant. FOUND ONE! This is where Lindsay comes in. I started following her through social media so that whenever I had enough money in the budget I would know where to go for cute leggings.

Evidently she thought I posted decent photos on my Insta account because she started following me as well, blushing here... :)  Anyways, when she asked me if she could send me a pair of leggings, I couldn't say no! I only got to choose size, and whether I want a solid color or print. I chose print of course. The sizes were "Tall & Curvy" or "One Size". I chose Tall & Curvy, you know, since I like to hide my muffin top and don't want to stretch them out so much that they end up being see through... I was very nervous that I never got to try them on, but I quickly got over that little issue.

When the pretty pink package arrived I was nervous to open them... I had said "print" but what if the print wasn't really my style?? As soon as I seen the pattern and the colors, I knew that Lindsay had put a little thought into what leggings to send me! Just my style!! They were wrapped in a cute little packaging (weakness of mine) and when I opened the bag to pull them out.. they felt DREAMY. So soft, and buttery feeling. I just rubbed them on my cheek for a moment... they are that soft friends. Like baby skin soft.When I finally got to try them on, I couldn't believe it. They are the single most comfortable thing that I own. If you thought leggings were comfy, you don't know what you're missing with LuLaRoe... buttery soft y'all...  The fit is also perfect for me. They sit right below my belly button, hiding the extra fluff. The top band is considerably wide, so I could also fold them down if I wasn't comfortable with them sitting so high. If you want to see what all LuLaRoe has to offer please check out Lindsays facebook page: LuLaRoe with Lindsay Hartsburg

I am excited to wear these all through the cooler...and colder months here in Nebraska. I also started my birthday list... I need a LuLaRoe skirt now too. It's coming up you know.. my birthday...hint, hint ;)

My cute little "Free in Christ" bracelet is a Plunder Designs piece that I purchased through my friend Meagan that I mentioned above. The necklace is also Plunder, and it happens to be my favorite piece of jewelry! Plunder has a fun vintage/glam look to their jewelry that I just adore!

Watch is Fossil I bought it about 4 years old, and shirt is thrifted.

Love you friends.
Dakota xoxo

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