Homeschooling: Without the Toddler or Baby Eating Crayons

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

One question that I keep getting after people ask where Parker goes to school or what grade he is in and we respond by saying that he is homeschooled has been, "How do you do it with the little two at home?" I feel like this is actually a really good question. It was the first thing my hubby brought up when we discussed homeschooling. Honestly, at the time I didn't know how I would do it, but I knew that God was calling me to keep my boy home, so I came up with something to satisfy my husband. I would like to say that after a couple weeks... I feel like we will be okay!! I have not noticed any crayon eating, or paint eating... I haven't cried in the bathroom, or called my husband for back up! :) 

We have been settling into a good routine, and I feel like this has helped tremendously. We generally start breakfast and school at the same time with all three kiddos around the table eating, and me, reading. We start with prayer, recite our bible verse, story time, and read a little from our picture bible. Noah loves all of this and is very eager to listen. To transition away from breakfast we do a little "Rhyme in Motion" or "Fingerplay". This gets us up from the table to put away dishes and move around a bit. Noah is able to try and mimic the movements and has fun with it. 

After this we settle back down at the table while I start Parker on some things that he can do on his own. At this time I pull something out to keep Noah sitting at the table. So far it has been a puzzle of some sort. By now Aspen is ready to go down for a morning nap. I nurse her, lay her down and head back to the dining room table. 

Noah is most likely fed up with his puzzle and Parker finishes up his work to move on to drawing, coloring, or painting. This has been fun to work into our school work. I get to see Parker's imagination on paper, while he draws a "scene" from our story time or history lesson. Noah goes crazy with his project!!! :) I also have coloring or Do-A-Dot pages for Noah to do, that I will be using to introduce letters of the alphabet. He barely talks but has been pointing to letters all week saying "A". Hopefully it isn't a fluke and this next week he will be saying "B!". 

To give Parker a little independent break, I let him have free play for about 15-20 minutes while I sit down with Noah and a few board books. He has been into Lift-the-Flap books lately.

To kind of wrap up our "school" day, Parker comes back to do one-on-one work with me that requires more of my undivided attention. I like to pull out wooden building blocks or farm animals for Noah during this time to play on the floor with. It has been difficult to keep him on the floor and not the table, but it really helps Parker if he doesn't have his little brother, and toys, in his face when he is trying to concentrate. I may have been guilty of bribery a couple times in this situation... a snack works wonders. ;)

This brings us to lunch or Aspen waking up. We try to pick up our books and move on with our day.

So, I would say that we are doing pretty good so far! 

Blessings, XOXO

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