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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We have picked a watermelon, only to find it wasn't ripe yet... We've planted some things that never grew... We have had an invasion of sunflower eating caterpillars, BUT we have harvested our first cucumber grown by our own hands this summer and it was yummy...with a bit of salt.

Currently we are growing: watermelon, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sunflowers. We also have a couple blueberry bushes that we just planted this year, but we aren't expecting to harvest anything off of those this year :)

Our first melon that we picked had the boys and I very excited, only to cut it open and find a WHITE melon... we planted Sugar Baby melons so it should have been red :( My hubby had flooded the garden out for almost three days in a row before this though... so we concluded that it was his fault that the melon never had a chance to ripen up!
Here is a sequence of photos showing the melon growing though... so fun!]
First day that I started documenting
day 2
day 3
day 4
day 5
day 6

We picked the melon a couple days after this. Sugar Baby melons are smaller, and have a very dark green skin to them when ready... or supposed to be ready. 

Here is the growth in our tomatoes...
At planting time, you can barely see the little green plant :)
Full and flowering and producing lots of green maters!

Our cucumbers need a trellis, badly. I hope to get to that sometime within the next week. I have one row of sunflowers and have yet to see a bloom, but I feel like we are getting SO CLOSE!! 

Hopefully I will be back soon with harvest pictures! :)

Dakota xoxo

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