DIY cloth wet wipes

Sunday, June 5, 2016

This is such a simple and frugal DIY that I feel lame for sharing but maybe somebody hasn't heard of this recipe and could use it... So here it goes. 

•Castile soap 
•olive oil 
•one cup warm water 
•tea tree essential oil
•lavender essential oil 

Supplies needed:
•old wet wipe container or Tupperware 
•stack of cloth wipes/wash cloths

How to--
  Add about a capful/tablespoon each of olive oil and Castile soap to your warm water. Add 2-3 drops, each, lavender and tea tree essential oil to mixture, stir it up! 
  Put your cloth wipes in your container and pour the mixture over your wipes. 

I use a mixture of old baby wash cloths and hand-me-down cloth wipes. You could also use scraps of fabric, old t-shirts, OR a good, thick, quality roll of paper towels if you're looking for disposable wipes! 

Dakota XOXO

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