And... We Have a Garden

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WooHoo! We are growing a garden!! This will be our first year growing a garden at our home place. It is a little difficult to haul three kiddos out to the farm every day to tend to a garden... So we had THREE trees cut down last year (we still have plenty) to free up some land for sunshine! 

I hope to post garden updates as the season goes on. We planted potatoes, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, watermelon, and sunflowers and a couple blueberry bushes. 

Here are the tomato plants as I was mulching around them. I used newspaper and cardboard and then topped it with straw. This will cut down on weeding, help keep moisture in, and help the soil maintain a more consistent temperature. 

Our garden is in a very ugly stage right now as it takes awhile to collect enough newspaper, cardboard and mulch to cover all the "bare" space. :) 

This is our garden "gate". I used an old screen window. My garden helper is caught trying to fly away here ;)

Somewhere in there is lettuce and carrots... 

Ahh... So much better. It's a bit tough to see the carrots because the boys planted them.. And they seem to be randomly strewn all through the right hand side 

We have plenty of visitors.

I also have mint, lemon thyme, and strawberries growing in other areas around the house. 

We are praying for a bountiful harvest! 

Dakota xoxo


  1. Can't wait for some lemon thyme recipes!!

  2. Can't wait for some lemon thyme recipes!!

    1. We are excited to use it! Cookies... Yum!!


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