Once a Month Grocery Shopping - TRIAL RUN

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

We are giving this once a month grocery shopping idea a trial run, wish me luck ;) I usually go grocery shopping about once a week, so we may not succeed this first month, but I hope to give it at least three months before I decide whether or not it will work for us! 

I am usually a big fan for shopping local, HOWEVER, our grocery store downtown has very very few options for healthy food (as far as my idea on what is healthy). I had been making the 20 minute drive to Walmart once a week but even their organic produce, spice, herb,etc options are limited. I would like to mention that we do not eat 100% organic. For now, we eat as much organic as our budget will allow. 

My once a month grocery shopping idea came from the idea to spend less (or at least stick within our budget) and hopefully free up some of my time. I won't lie, I kind of enjoy grocery shopping... it gets me out of the house... weird I know. Even though I enjoy it a little, I know that there are better things I could be doing with my time and I will also spend less by not having as many chances to make impulse purchases! 

I made the decision to make the extra 45(ish) minute drive to Lincoln and go to Whole Foods, for more organic and healthy options and also Aldi, for super cheap options that I am able to freeze and avoid foods going bad. 

A couple things before I share what I bought and how I plan to make it last...
1. I have started purchasing grass fed ground beef from a local farm, so obviously won't be getting that at the store.
2. I plan on us eating the fastest ripening produce (bananas, lettuce...) first, working our way towards the produce that will stay fresh longer (oranges, carrots...) towards the end of the month. 
3. I saved some (hopefully enough) money in the budget to allow for a small produce/dairy run towards the end of the month.
4. I will buy bacon from our local meat locker, so it will also not be included in the store receipts. 
5. Many know that we have our own chickens so we may end up eating A LOT of eggs towards the end of the month :) HAHA
6. Our family is slowly transitioning towards a traditional, nourishing "diet" so I will be making some things that I have never attempted and it may end up badly... so instead of healthy, we may end up with pizza   OOPS ;)
7. Lastly, this is our first TRIAL RUN and I am not perfect so this may be a bust... 

Okay... first up... WHOLE FOODS

2 jars organic Unsweetened Applesauce 24oz....6.38
Toms toothpaste....4.99
3.56 lb organic fuji apples ....7.08
2.84 lb bananas....1.68
3.07 lb bananas....1.81
2.22 lb organic pink lady apples....6.64
2.77 lb organic cabbage....$4.13
3.05 lb organic cabbage....$4.54
3.90 lb organic cabbage....$5.81
1.22 lb green beans....$2.06
3 small pkg organic strawberries....$9.00
.71 lb organic green leaf lettuce....$1.77
1 bunch organic cilantro....$1.50
4 bunches organic carrots....$8.00
1 head organic cauliflower....$3.99
1 bunch organic parsley....$1.49
1.52 lb organic broccoli....$3.02
1.81 lb organic celery....$3.60
2 3lb bags organic oranges....$6.00
48oz jar local (omaha) honey....$16.99
1 bottle kombucha....$3.00
1 5lb bag unbleached all purpose flour....$5.99

TOTAL: $109.82

**note- I did buy Jerrad a bottle of multivitamins and the boys a bottle of multivitamins but I do not count those as "groceries", they will be included in our health budget. Toothpaste and other toiletries ARE included in our grocery budget

Okay, on to Aldis :)

Whole chicken....$8.28
Chicken Thighs....$2.99
Chuck Roast....$11.67
8 gallons Whole milk...$15.92
Heavy Whipping Cream....$1.69
Organic plain yogurt....$2.49
3 loaves wheat bread....$5.37
Organic Linguine noodles....$1.29
Block Colby jack cheese....$1.89
Block sharp cheddar cheese....$1.89
3 Blocks mild cheddar cheese....$5.67
Parmesan Cheese....$3.99
Block mozz cheese....$1.89
Whole Pineapple....$1.19
Organic pasta sauce....$1.49
Organic light brown sugar....$2.89
Half Pork Loin....$9.17
Pork chops....$7.69
Bag of red grapes....$3.58
1 bunch organic bananas....$1.28
Lunchmeat - ham....$3.49
4 pkgs Deli sliced cheese....$7.96
Lunchmeat - chicken....$2.49
3 pkgs wheat tortillas....$4.17
organic tomatoes on the vine...$1.99
bag mini marshmallows....$.89
3 zucchini....$1.69
pure maple syrup....$6.49
Organic oats....$5.38
Toilet paper...$6.99

TOTAL: $147.87

So my overall total is $257.69.
We decided to add $20 for the extra fuel cost, bringing our total to $277.69
This leaves $122.31 in our budget for the rest of the month... not sure how I made that happen.... I am guessing that I completely underestimated our food needs and that I will be in the grocery store much more often than I intended. At least I have over $100 to work with.

I will try to do updates to this post with our menus and how we seem to be getting a long as we move through the month.

Let me know, how often do you grocery shop...also do you find it easy to stay within your grocery budget?

Blessings, XOXO

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