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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Thought I would stop in here to the blog and make a fun Sunday review post, for our family to see what we have been up to around our house lately... And I guess if anybody else is interested :) as I know that I love seeing how other people go about their days!

Most people have seen this little peach, but Buttercup is getting lots of attention from us lately! She greets you as soon as you come to feed her. So precious. 

She is waiting patiently.

Parker has gotten used to feeding her now and can get a good enough grip on the bottle that she isn't pulling it right out of his hands. 

We started one tray of plants a couple weeks ago! So far, we started tomatoes, thyme, and peppers. This escalated to huge mess on the kitchen floor very fast. I will be getting some more plants started this week, just hoping to do that during nap time ;)

We like to share our left over produce with the chickens. I throw the scraps into a bucket in the fridge. If any thing starts to get too ripe for us or, like this kale, start to wilt a little too much for our likening, I add it in and take to the girls once it's full! They love any greens, berries, and carrot scraps the best.

Blessings, XOXO

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