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Monday, December 7, 2015

Welcome to the world Aspen Grace! 

Friday, December 4th 2015 at 4:40 in the morning, the hubby and I loaded up in the car and headed towards Lincoln for a cesarean. On the way up I had contractions that were about 15 minutes apart and pretty darn strong! I am sure that if I wasn't having a cesarean that day, she would have come on her own that day or the day after! 

We arrived at the hospital a little late, at about 5:45. We went up to Labor and Delivery and got checked in. They hooked me up to some monitors to monitor baby's heartbeat and contractions. They also started an IV drip so that I would have enough liquid in me, that my blood pressure wouldn't drop during surgery. The anesthesiologist came in to go over what the plan was and my doctor arrived shortly after at about 7:15am. 

Things went rather quick after that. We walked back to the operating room at 7:26 and started anesthesia. I chose to have a spinal block, and an epidural inserted just in case i started to feel anything during the surgery. They didn't put any anesthesia in the epidural though, it was just backup, and luckily we didn't need it. The spinal block allows me to get up and moving a little faster than the epidural. 
After I was laid on the table, they only had a little bit more prep to go, so a nurse went and got my hubby to bring back to the room. The cesarean started soon after. 

Baby Aspen came roaring into this world at 7:56am! She was definitely our loudest baby! As soon as she was outside the womb, she was screaming! The nurse wiped her down a bit and brought her around the curtain to show me how little and precious she was, tears were already filling my eyes! Jerrad followed the nurses over to get her weighed, measured, assessed and wiped down a little more. She is our lightest baby, weighing in at seven pounds, even. BUT she is our longest baby, measuring 20 and 3/4 inches. 

She came out perfectly pink, with stork bites on her right eyelid, forehead, and below her nose. 

**while we were in recovery and I was getting my skin-to-skin time with Aspen, her daddy almost passed out on us! He hadn't ate all morning and was feeling light headed so asked where a restroom was, the nurse noticed that he was VERY pale so asked him how he was. He told her that he needed something to eat and she let him know where to get some crackers. He was able to get it together rather quick after eating just a little bit but it was a little nerve racking for a moment!**
-I just thought I would share all of our birth story, and not leave anything out ;) -
Since Friday we have had such a great experience in the hospital. The entire cesarean procedure went great. Our nurses have all been super helpful and courteous. Our feeding experience has been great so far, for both of us. She has latched on great and seems to be getting plenty. So far I am not getting sore nipples, my milk seems to be coming in great and we are just really enjoying her feeding time! 

As we get ready to head home this morning, I am so excited to see our boys and let them get to really meet and enjoy their little sister! 
We are so blessed to welcome you into our family Aspen Grace. We love you sweet baby. 


  1. I have loved following your blog and Instagram! Have a safe trip home and congrats on your new baby girl! What a beautiful family!

    -Aliza Brunsing

  2. I have loved following your blog and Instagram! Have a safe trip home and congrats on your new baby girl! What a beautiful family!

    -Aliza Brunsing


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