Rash Cream {homemade}

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This past weekend I finally got around to making a fresh batch of rash cream before baby Aspen arrives. I've been meaning to get this done for about month now since we were running low, but when the jar was finally empty, I didn't have a choice. :) 

We use this cream on baby bums and also on rashes/owies. It works great to heal diaper rash, scrapes, burns and we've started using it on the rash Parker developed on his thighs. 
I am still trying to figure out what did, or is, causing the rash on Parker but my thought is maybe from the chlorine pool at school. At preschool they have swimming lessons once a week, and the rash started developing about a month or two ago. It is very dry, red patches, and only on his thighs (where his swim trunks would be). After regular lotion didn't work to clear up the dryness, I decided to try our rash cream... On the rash (genius, I tell you!) The rash is slowly going away, so between the cream, and the fact that they haven't had swimming lessons at school for a couple weeks, we have hope! YAY!!!

If you want to try making this cream at home here is what you will need:
>Shea butter
>coconut oil
>lavender essential oil (optional)
>tea tree oil (optional) 

I was lucky this summer at the farmers market and picked up a few chunks beeswax! I used about half of one of these chunks (about 1-2 Tbs I'm guessing) 

Parker helped scoop about 2 Tbs of coconut oil into a glass bowl. 

We also used about 2 Tbs of raw Shea butter. I ordered this from Amazon awhile back. It is great for creams and lotions! 

While the beeswax started melting in a double boiler, we got the oil and butter mixed up together and ready to pour into the double boiler. 

The oil and butter melts pretty fast, the beeswax will take a little while. 

After everything was melted together I gave it a stir and set aside to cool and solidify. 

I forgot to snap a photo of the cream in solid form, but after it sets I like to whip it with the blender to give us a fluffy texture and make it easier to scoop a little out of the jar. After it's whipped is when I like to add a couple drops of lavender oil and couple drops tea tree. I just refill the same 4oz mason jar every time! 

Of course I made sure to label it appropriately so nobody thought it was something tasty. ;) 

I am hoping to get some more things made up before our baby girl gets here, but we shall see! 

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  1. Your blog is awesome. And your rash cream recipe sounds devine :)


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