Week 34

Saturday, October 31, 2015

So we are officially FIVE weeks away from our set cesarean date! Wow! In only five weeks I will get to hold and snuggle our third baby, God willing of course. 

My 34 week appointment went great. Nothing new, just routine. Baby is around the size of a cantaloupe now! I am hoping to follow my OB's advice for some pelvic relief the next few weeks to carry this cantaloupe around :) My other option is physical therapy--- definitely don't have time or money for that, so I am going to try and follow Dr. Placeks directions for my belly band and a large exercise ball! 

I made sure to have get somebody lined up to take care of our boys when we go to the hospital so that is one thing checked off my list. They will get to spend the weekend with their Meemaw so I'm sure they won't miss their momma and dad one bit! 

My list before baby is most likely not going to be completed but I'm still trying to get as much as possible done! My next priority is to get some meals on the freezer. I hope to have some things for breakfast, dinner and supper made up ahead of delivery day and in the freezer. 
I am also plugging away at our Christmas shopping! If I don't get it purchased or made before baby Aspen arrives, it most likely won't get done after! ;) 
I was hoping to get our bedroom painted, but I'm thinking that is not going to be checked off the list. 

Anyways, here are some updates on how momma and baby are doing at 34 weeks pregnant:

Craving: steak and tators... For real! My hubby needs to take me out to eat I think! 

Feeling: hiccups! Poor babe! 

Belly Button: poking out more and more I believe 

Wearing: my belly band for extra support and comfy pants as soon as I get home! 

Symptoms: still sore, still lots of acid reflux :(  nesting mode is really kicking in, however it is a little difficult to get much done between work, and chores, and two little boys. I'm pretty sure my bladder needs emptied hourly these days, which also takes so much time, especially when I always have a toddler following closely behind! 

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