Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wow, it has been awhile :) 4 months, actually, since I last posted on here. We have been busy in those last 4 months though, just like everybody else during the summer months. Life will kind of settle down for the next month or so, then pick back up again as we go into holidays and BABY TIME!!!

We are seriously just a little over seven weeks away from meeting baby Aspen. This pregnancy has flown by, and I am assuming it is because we have a four and one year old to chase after. Parker started school, and soccer... Noah is crawling and furniture cruising everywhere and in every cupboard these days. One of these days he will surprise us and walk across the room :)  (wishful thinking)

As we get closer to our cesarean date for baby Aspen, I am becoming more aware that I am pregnant... and that we are, in deed, having a little girl. Honestly, with the busyness going on, I don't get much time to actually think about this pregnancy or how it will be having our first baby girl...   I am reminded much more often as she kicks and squirms in my belly though. Pretty sure she is going to be just as active as the boys... I am not sure if she sleeps much. All.The.Kicking.All.The.Time.   She seems to enjoy getting right into my ribs, on the right side (much like the boys).

We will be celebrating her pending arrival this weekend at church with a little "shower". I firmly believe in celebrating every baby, no matter how many you have had, so my friend Angela is throwing an amazing party and all my guests will help make pretty little headbands! Fun, RIGHT??? :)

I will try to post photos of the party afterwards, as I am sure it will be beautiful... Angela knows how to party  :)

As we grow :)

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