Fitting five people in our two bedroom home

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"How are you going to fit everybody in your house?"

"When are you moving?"

"You better start building a new house."

"Are you looking for a bigger place?"

HA! I have heard these statements and questions so much lately! People, I love you, but your driving me bonkers. We have a plan. Always have. And guess what... God has the ultimate plan and it seems to suit us just fine right now. We are happy with His plan for our family right now, we are actually loving it.

Before having any kids, Jerrad and I both knew we wanted more than a "couple" and talked many times about having four babes! As we are on number three and people keep asking "Are you done after this?" we are still saying four! GASP!!!! We do hope to have a bigger home by the time we have another babe, but since number three is still cookin' in my womb, I would say we have some time :)

As we get closer to my cesarean date I am feeling all the "nesting" vibes and trying to tidy our little home. Yes, we have every intention of staying in our little two bedroom home with three kiddos.

The boys will share a room... that has always been the plan, but Noah is still in our bed so we are trying to get him to sleep in the crib in the boys room now.. pray for us, would ya? He has never been a good sleeper but is FINALLY sleeping through the night so we are slowly working towards him sleeping in the crib... at least start out in there, that would be a giant leap.  The boys have the bigger bedroom and closet so that helps with all the toys that I hate :)

When we bring baby Aspen home she will of course sleep in mine and Jerrad's room. OR the living room.... since I often fall asleep in the recliner while nursing my littles (If you have never done this, YOU ARE SUPERMOM!)  She has a little dresser in the corner of our room for clothing, blankets, burp rags, etc. We also have a long dresser that the hubby and I share, I have set up a little changing area on top of that for her. I also plan on decorating the area just a little girly for her. Since Noah slept in our room for so long, I have no plans or hopes of Aspen doing much different.

Our living areas: kitchen, dining, and living room are all decent size so we aren't extremely cramped, just cozy. We also have so much outdoor space to make up for the lack of indoor space. Right now, with our kiddos still little, we actually enjoy our small space. If only I had a little more storage space....

WHY we aren't leaving our home....
*It is our first home.
*We own it, free and clear.... moving would mean adding an expense that we don't currently have. (I am not bragging or trying to toot my own horn here, just stating a fact... also, it is a trailer house with an addition, so obviously not too expensive HA)
*We bought Jerrad's grandparents farm a few years ago and make payments on that... not cheap, and we can't afford another mortgage.
*We still fit, just a little cozy.
*We are trying to make a life for ourselves and our kids... which includes a GET THE HECK OUT OF DEBT plan... Just because society thinks we need a bigger home, doesn't mean we actually do.

Of course, we do not owe anybody an explanation of WHY, however, some people can't wrap their heads around it so I thought I would be kind enough to explain. You're welcome.

Love and blessings to you all,


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