Red - White - and - Blue

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I always enjoy having a pretty wreath or door hanger of some sort on our front door. I REALLY love a beautiful wreath though! :) I have picked some up at thrift stores, craft shows, and garage sales over the years. A couple years ago I made a fall themed wreath... I also made a summer themed wreath for my hubby's grandma a year or two ago. Wreaths can be easy to make, and easy on our wallet! Win-Win!

Since our door has been bare since Easter, I decided I needed to find something to hang up through the summer! I like to be able to get my use out of things, so I knew I was going to do a red, white, and blue theme. It will work for Memorial Day and Independence Day! I didn't get mine made before Memorial Day this year, but I'm ready for next year :) 

I picked two sets of these red and blue sunflowers- found them at Walmart for around $3 each. 

I bought a grapevine wreath for $4-5. I started by plucking all the flowers from the stems and then laying them around the wreath to kind of get an idea of how I wanted them. 

Next, I picked them up one by one and glued the backs with hot glue! 

After all flowers were glued down I scoured Pinterest for a tutorial on making bows- sorry, I don't remember which one I used! ;) I made my bow out of Off-White burlap ribbon and then hot glued that down as well! 

And now our door is a little happier! 

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