My dry-mix laundry detergent recipe

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We, meaning I, :) have been making our own laundry detergent since before Parker was born, and HE JUST TURNED FOUR! How is that even possible that my baby is four?????

Anyways.... No more tears. I have used the same recipe this entire time and this last time I made it, I decided to try something a little different. And I do mean only a little! ;) Afterall, it has worked all these years, why fix something if it isn't broke? I've been able to get cow manure, chicken manure, mud, ketchup, and chocolate ice cream stains out just fine with this detergent. 

Also, since we cloth diaper now I thought I would add that I continue to use this detergent for Noah's diapers and it does great! No need to buy expensive "cloth diaper" detergents! Our diapers still seem to be holding up to their duty of keeping the pee INSIDE the diapers too! 

Here are my ingredients: 

Super Washing Soda- 3lb 7oz
Borax- 4lb 12oz

Baking Soda- 4lb
Also, not pictured, one bar of soap. I usually use Fels Naptha but have used home made soaps that people have gifted me to change up the scent! 
**new "secret ingredient" mentioned in directions 

What I do: 
First I dump the Borax and Super Washing Soda into a large bowl/bucket. 

Then, grate your bar of soap into the same container. I use an old cheese grater! 

Next, dump the Baking Soda on top and mix mix mix! Here is where I added the secret ingredient, LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL! I used about 7-8 drops and mixed it in. 

** I use a large enamelware bowl to mix in. 

Then I put my detergent in its storage container that I keep on the dryer. I found this large glass jar at Walmart for around $10! The measuring spoon inside was also found at Walmart, it measures one tablespoon, which is all you need for one load of laundry... Unless I'm washing cow manure or afterbirth out of clothing... Then I use two! Winter time/calving time is when I use the detergent the most! But it will still last us about 6-9 months (including diaper duty)! This used to last about a year, but Noah goes through lots of diapers right now :)

Here is my trick for not making a huge mess... Use an old children's bowl to transfer from mixing bowl to storage container. I've seen a lot of people just mix everything in their storage containers. That would be a little tough for me since my glass jar is skinnier and therefor I would have trouble getting everything from the bottom mixed in. 

And now I am ready for laundry day! 

** ONE tablespoon of detergent per load of laundry 
** TWO if your cowboy comes home and takes his clothes off at the door because he is afraid you'll holler at him for walking through the house with his clothing on ;) 

P.S. I will be sharing more of my homemade recipes soon! 


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