Big Brother

Thursday, July 31, 2014

This handsome little fella is about to have his world changed... He will soon be a "Big Brother" to our precious little Noah, who is due in one month! (Time flies!)

I am so excited for him to meet his brother and we have been talking about the baby boy growing in my belly for a while now. Even though we try our best to get him to understand what will actually happen, everybody knows that it will be a different understanding when the day arrives (just like a first time mom!). 

I truly hope that Parker stays excited about this baby boy! I hope he loves him with his whole heart the moment he meets him and every moment after! But... I do know that this may not be the case and that Parker may find it difficult to understand all the change that comes with a newborn baby... And that newborn baby being a new member to our family. 

I hope that Parker always feels like his momma and daddy love him with our whole hearts and that we are capable of loving two little boys at the same time! 

I am sure Parker will be a great big brother though. He talks about feeding the baby all the time... we are working on understand that only momma feeds the baby when he first gets here! :) 

I am so excited to see Parker's first reaction when he gets to meet his little baby brother. I truly hope to capture this moment on camera! 

Parker and Noah... They will be my babies! 

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