Pregnancy Woes

Friday, June 27, 2014

I have to admit - my first pregnancy was pretty smooth sailing. I was extremely tired - actually found out anemic - but other than that I wasn't THAT uncomfortable or have many questions or "issues". But this second time around is kind of rough. I know that there are many, many more serious problems or issues than mine, but compared to my first time around, this is not comparable actually.

I honestly try to sugar coat it to my husband! SHHHH, don't tell him! :) He keeps saying that maybe we should rethink how many babies we really want to have... nope! I'm the one with the issues and I am NOT dying, so I still have it in my head that we will have more babies!

Okay, on to my "issues"... This pregnancy is so, so, so uncomfortable. I truly believe this baby lives in my ribs... he is always up in there like he is afraid of moving down or something. Parker would occasionally position himself up in my ribs but he definitely didn't think he had to live up in there! I can really tell that I am in the third trimester now as I am getting so tired again, and this week has been rough trying to sleep. I have to roll over every hour or so due to being so uncomfortable, or I have to get up to pee... that is always an issue though HA!

Probably my least favorite part of being pregnant this time is the pain at the bottom of my belly from my previous C-Section. If I move just right, or stand up fast or sneeze... I get a shooting pain under my belly that stops my in my tracks for a second or two! I checked with my doc, she said it had to do with the nerves being messed up. My newest issue is my ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN... ALL THE TIME. It isn't like most people describe, like from coughing, sneezing, or standing up fast... it is literally like allllllll the time. FOR REAL!  I am going to try to do some yoga to help alleviate this pain though, hopefully it helps and also I have read that yoga should be very beneficial during and after pregnancy for pre/post natal care so I am excited!

Now that I have complained like I am dying I should mention that I am so truly happy that God has entrusted our family with the blessing of carrying yet another miracle of life! I can only pray that our Lord also blesses us with a happy, healthy, and perfect little baby when he enters this world.

Love and Blessings - Dakota

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