Our First Night of VBS

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We had our first night of Vacation Bible School tonight... and I am POOPED OUT! This stuff is exhausting! I mean chasing a three year old is always exhausting, especially when pregnant... but not being able to really choose when to just sit down and take a break is rough. Sure I can sit down along the side during any point and nobody is going to complain that the preggo lady is sitting her bum, but then my three year acts up, or wants to sit beside me... exhausting after a full day of work!

We have 3 more nights this week of VBS and I am honestly not looking forward it :(  I should have thought a little more before signing Parker up, and agreeing to take his five year old cousin, and the fact that I would be 30 weeks pregnant.

I am really hoping that the next three nights are a little easier and the kiddos get a hang of what they are supposed to be doing.

I did grow more confident in our decision to keep Little Man from attending preschool this year though! Watching him interact with other children, I see that he just isn't ready for a school setting. I am glad that we made the decision early in the year and that I am not getting nervous about sending him to school this fall.

We hope to help Parker grow this year by doing some "school" at home! We are all excited about it and not putting too much pressure on anything since he is only 3, will be 4 in December. He is unable to attend public Kindergarten until the fall of 2016 so we have plenty of time to choose whats best for our family and get ready for school!

Love and Blessings - Dakota

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