Keeping Cool When The Weather Is Heating Up

Sunday, June 8, 2014

It has been getting a little warmer around here that past couple weeks... summer is really going to be here SOON! ;) Since one of our largest bills happens to be our water and light bill, I vowed to myself that I would not turn the air conditioner on until June 1st! (mission accomplished by the way) This made for some uncomfortable evenings after work but we managed. One thing that I tried to do was to get my outside work done right after I got home for work. This allowed Parker some time to play and even though I was watering plants/flowers, and taking care of little chicks and dogs in the hotter part of the day, at least I wasn't inside trying to get supper started or something in the heat! My thought was, if I am going to be working on something in the heat, it might as well be in the sunshine! :)

Parker has one of the plastic kiddie pools his great grandma bought him last year so we pulled that out of the garage and wiped it out. I filled the pool with water... and the boy jumped in... and the boy jumped out! I tried to warn him how cold it was going to be since I had JUST filled it. He couldn't contain the excitement obviously. After jumping in and out a few times, I believe he just got used to the cold and so he stayed in and played for about an hour.

I had to be careful while snapping photos... the boy likes to SpLaSh!!!! Even if he wasn't splashing the water AT me... there was still water going everywhere.

I hope to get lots of use out of this free (to us) pool this summer. We also don't have far to travel to go "the beach"... at the lake! HA! Our town swimming pool is honestly only a block away, but we will save that for rare occasions since that is obviously NOT free :)

Lets hope we have a great summer and are able to stay cool as much as possible!

Also - before I end this post, I HAVE to include a photo of my hubby... This is what my cowboy looks like in the summer if you catch him after an afternoon nap on a Sunday afternoon.

Nice tan lines Babe! This man NEVER wears shorts... even if temps are above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I believe the only time he is ever in shorts is if he is sleeping.  Also, why in the world would a cowboy ever put on tennis shoes if you are only at home and can slide on your boots? ;)


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