Hello Third Trimester!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Time Flies... it really does. I never really understood that when I was younger... but like everything, you realize more when you get older how much of what those adults said is actually true! I am actually starting my third trimester with baby #2 and couldn't be more excited! This means we only have about 10 1/2 weeks until we will get to hold our precious baby boy. If Noah doesn't decide to come before then, we will make the trip to Lincoln early in the morning on August 28th for my cesarean section. We are choosing to do the c-section again since I never progressed... really at all (3 cm dilated) with Parker after over 24 hours of labor. This also guarantees that my husband won't be in another state working when we become a family of 4, unless of course Noah decides to come early, which I don't see happening!

So, as of today, I am 29 weeks pregnant and I am so eager to meet this precious baby boy. I am like the nesting mother times 50! Many moms I know never really noticed that they really went through the "nesting" period, I, on the other hand do a whole house shake down. Rearranging furniture, cleaning and wiping down cupboards and walls, washing curtains... I really can't help myself.

Right now...

Belly Button - confused... it does not poke out of my clothing but it is not an "innie" anymore

Sleep - Going about as well as could be expected. I am really tired but have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I definitely require at least 9 hours of sleep each night though.

Cravings - I am usually very thirsty so I drink more water, and I am just loving sweet treats right now.

Weight Gain - At my last appointment I had gained 4 lbs, I am pretty sure that as of now I have gained closer to 10 lbs.

Other Symptoms - Heartburn everyday :) Slight swelling in my feet, and sore muscles.

Movement - This boy is active! I love feeling him kick and punch and squirm all around. He tends to favor my right side currently.

I am looking forward to my next appointment in one and a half weeks!

-- Dakota

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