Frugal Anniversary Date Night

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hubby and I had our two year wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago and to celebrate, we stayed home. Ha! It was lovely. With our little man camping with my dad for the evening, we had the night to ourselves.

Parker and I went out to the lake around noon on Saturday to spend time with family that was camping there. Around 4:30, I headed home to start supper and Parker stayed with everybody at the lake.

Since we already had almost everything needed for a nice supper, Hubby and I decided to stay home and relax and enjoy each others company.  Jerrad has been working A LOT lately, so coming home and getting ready to go out didn't seem fun to him... and it's just not in the budget right now.

For supper I cooked a couple steaks, stuffed and baked potatoes, and green beans. We also had a salad and for dessert we had a little chocolate cake! YUM!!! The only thing I bought for this meal was the green beans and salad... told ya I was going frugal for this date night. Jerrads work gifted him the steaks, potatoes, and chocolate cake for Christmas and it came frozen, so I just reserved it for a special night.

To make things a bit fancier, I printed this banner out from The Dating Divas and hung it on the window valance.

I am gift-giver, seriously, I can't help myself. Since we are watching our budget, I looked for something fun and thoughtful. For fun, I bought a package of red licorice and just made a tag for it.
The tag says: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Here Are Some Twizzlers, Just For You! Love, Dakota 

I went to The Dating Divas website again and found this cute idea. You can read the instructions and get the printables there if you would like to try this! 

The tree has the lyrics to our wedding song printed on it. 

Here it is all wrapped up and with the printable tag! 

We truly enjoyed our night and I couldn't ever imagine spending the rest of my life with anybody else! This handsome cowboy was truly made just for me!

XOXO-- Dakota

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