Odd Girl Out

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I never felt like an outsider or outcast growing up, never in highschool or before I became a momma either. Now, I feel more like the "odd girl out" every day. I know that some of my personal choices have added to that feeling but it's frustrating at the same time. 

Since I have been entrusted with another human beings life, I have learned so much. Motherhood is always going to be different and throw you for some loops, but I would never had thought that it would make me feel so alone, and "on my own."  I have been embracing a new lifestyle over the past couple years, and to say it's uncommon in our little area of the map, is an understatement. I have been learning the importance of natural, and organic products, read about all the horrible chemicals found in so many commercial products, and have been slowly steering towards the more simple and back to basics lifestyle. I know that more and more people have been drawn to this lifestyle and that there probably are a few in our area... But they are hard to find. ;)

I long to find a friendship/mentor ship with somebody that is fairly close to me that craves these same choices that I do.  I'm so tired of being so lonely on this journey in my life. As a momma of one, soon to be two, I want to make the best descions possible for my children, and even though the internet has been a great resource for tips, and recipes, and literature, I crave that true face-to-face friendship. 

Hopefully someday soon I will be able to hade a discussion with somebody about organic produce or homemade soaps or whole food recipes or cloth diapering without their judgement on why I choose this "weird" stuff. 


**sidenote: I have yet to actually cloth diaper but am fully planning to with baby#2, so that cloth diaper discussion would be EXTREMELY encouraging in the next few months! ;) 

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