Farm baths

Saturday, May 31, 2014

We had to go out to the farm Thursday night to get our chickens that are a few months old already in their new home. We received the new shipment of baby chicks and so the older ones had to move out out of the small chicken tractor we have at home. While we were out at the farm I got to work in the garden a little with grandma.

I also took some cloth diapers out to hang on the line to dry. We don't have our clothes line up yet and everything I have read suggusts that we should hang dry them to help with stains and cut back on breaking down the fibers of the diapers. Since I'm in full nesting mode, I was eager to start getting things ready for baby Noah since we are only three months away from meeting him!! 

While grandma started in the garden and was hanging diapers, Parker and his cousin Abbii found an old cattle mineral tub that grandpa was using to catch rain water. 

I was a little late to get my phone and take some photos so Parker is already down to his underwear and chore boots here. It all started with a little splashing and playing in the water. 

I finished hanging diapers and walked over to the garden, and they took a leap! Seriously, jumped in the tub and took a "bath". 

It was a tight squeeze but they didn't care. The water was also a little bit disgusting after they got out, due to their muddy feet. 

I'm just glad they dried off a little before heading back to town! ;) 


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